which cam is good for the street?


May 27, 2001
I'm looking at the 206/206 right now(don't have the stock one) and a 2800 9/11 converter from bruce. My car will be 99% street driven. I get too many mixed reviews on cams and want to know your experiences for a good street cam. should i go a little bigger? I have a te44, ported heads and the rest are just the usual mods for fuel and exhaust.
smc is on the way!

I honestly think they all work well and especially with the right combo. Many have liked the 200/200, 210/205, 206/206, 212/212, 218/218, etc... Emissions may be tougher with the larger grinds but for everyone that said X cam isn't good another person says X cam is great. Shoot for the RPM range you want to be in and not pay so much attention to numbers. With a 2800 convertor just about all of them will be ok. Add a big turbo with more lag and it could get interesting trying to get real quick spool on the street. I for one like the bigger cams and I have two friends with similar combos. One runs the 206/51/009's/9" NL 3200 and goes 12.4@113 and the other has a 212/49/009's/D-5 2800 stall going 11.36@118. I really like the 212, JMHO.:D
Not being an "expert" on the 206 flat tappet cam since I have only done about 6 of them so far, but all these owners have your similar build, and are 99% street drivers. Cars idle and sound like stock and run great.

From about 212 and up cam duration in a turbo car, they start to "lope" somewhat and sometimes have more valve train noise than stock. The 206 will easily get you into the 10's with a proper build, or around town easily!
Stay small"er" with the cam. 218/218 is too big for what you seem to be after. We favor larger exhaust than intake, but split duration is also fine. Again, stay in the 206 & 212 area.
I have a CC 212/212, TE44 and ported heads on my car and it is SCARY fast on the street. As Nick says it lopes a little bit but I kinda like that because it sounds agressive at the stop light. Haven't noticed any extra valvetrain noise tho.

Just totally love the sound with it sitting at a light. Makes everyone look and stare, but as IC said it's all in the combo. Once you go big cam you need a converter.
The 206 seems to be a real popular grind.
Best of luck with whatever you choose

Thanks for the input guys. I'm leaning towards the 206 for right now from weber
Boston Boy, Just out of curiosity. Will your engine pass
emmisions test with the 218/218.