whitch head gaskets

witch headgasket should i run i plan on running around 28# of boost and dont want to o ring my heads.

i would do a search,this has been talked about meny times.i did run the rjc with good results.i also hear good things about the cometics.
I have not had much luck with the cometics so i ended up going back to the rjc's this time around as has another local buick owner...also switched over the fel pro mls gaskets on my buddies turbo mustang as the cometics seemed more prone to problems on that motor too
Felpro 1000 here.
If you don't Oring,nothing is better than the stock GM gasket. If you allow the motor to detinate You'll blow any of them. In my experience the stock gasket has taken the most abuse before blowing.

i just put these on because i blew the stock replacement fel-pro's (9441) with head studs. i had no knock at all. i just had the boost up to 32lbs a couple of times. the stock gasket would just not hold with this turbo. i hope the cometics work out as i am under the gun to try and make it to TAI in BG............Bob