Who uses what, for piston/rings..

I use a ring compressor and the butt of a hammer :)

Guess I left out the ?? part!:oops: I meant to ask about what lube is being used.
I wound up using WD40 on the cyl walls, rings. And engine oil on the pins and skirts. Suggestions from another website......
No doubt, you use perfumed KY. That way, it triggers memories of blistered palms :eek::p
I use ATF. Wipe the cylinder walls with clean paper towels and ATF until they come out as clean as when they went in. Then the same for the pistons and rings.

I use Marvel Mystery oil to clean the cylinder walls and all parts with a lint free cloth ... once that's done I assemble with 20 weight oil ...

I wouldn't use WD40
Chuck, I decided to try out Total Seal's dry seat ring compound on my new LS build. The bores must be completely clean and dry, the instructions state how. This is a fine gray powder that gets hand-rubbed into each cylinder bore until the bores turn green. Then you assemble things dry and as you roll the engine over, the rings are broken in. Once it was rolled over sufficiently, I oiled the bores with 30 wt for storage. Hope it works!
Rmvbeforeflight is on target, the trans fluid (old school dex 3) is the best cleaner you can use, use a lint free rag and wipe bore until there is no dark looking stuff on rag, then when it is totally clean, use 50 weight racing oil on cyl. bores right before installing pistons in bore. Also use the racing oil on pistons and rings when installing pistons in bore, whatever you do don't dip the piston and rings in oil just rub it around piston and ring and install.
The more time goes by the more I like the 'dunk the whole damn thing in oil' method.

It's messy as hell and drips all over the place, but I know the wrings and pins are wet.
It lets the piston sit in a dust free environment while I get the compressor, hammer, and crank throws in the right place.

That's after the hot soapy water then ATF stuff