Who wants to build an engine for me?


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Apr 1, 2013
Ok guys, I am having a little problem, right now I have no way to source parts, pull the old motor, and get it all together in the short amount of time when I am in the USA. I am a contractor for the Govt, and I am in Iraq.

I just bought my GN in April of this year, 89,000 miles on it, supposedly rebuilt 10,000 miles before I bought it, 200/200 lunati cam, stock heads, possibly ported, Power plate, TE44 turbo, Dutweiler intercooler, 42lbs injectors, older pitbull chip, Turbonetics wastegate, etc etc. First startup and I hear some lifter tap, nothing serious and goes away pretty much when warmed up. I drove it around for a little while to warm it up, smacked to throttle and buried a 20psi boost gauge in it. Engine is breaking up, and sputtering. Pulled foot off throttle and went to normal cruising speed. Adjusted manual boost controller down to 15-17 psi, Car is boosting well, still having sputtering and hesitation at times. I plug in my scan tool and find the following

Throttle position .45 v
spark advance is 36°
Mass air flow is 4 g/s
Idle air control is 61
coolant is 200°
BLM enable is NO
Block Learn is 150
Integrator is 139
Closed Loop
Knock Signal NO

I get a check engine light showing lean, and sorry I did not capture to O2 reading when I took the picture I am writing this information off of.

I replaced plugs, wires, and O2 sensor because the reading was almost stable, with little change when driving.

I had to leave to come back to Iraq, and my father took the car to a storage space. While driving he tells me that he heard a loud bang, sounds like one of the lifters collapsed or something happened, because it is clacking bad, and it stalled. He restarted and had to restart 5x in the 8 miles he drove it to storage. So up until today I had no idea what had happened, My daughter and my father went out to storage today to skype me while they tried to figure out what happened to it. In the process all the intercooler pipes were checked, thinking maybe I got lucky, he had a boost spike and blew a hose off... Nope, all tight and no visible damage on top... So I tell my daugter to look for oil underneath the car... what ever was left in the oil pan after the drive is now on the storage floor covering a 3ft diameter circle... My father attempts to start the car and the sound is more like 400 midgets with hammers in the motor, versus a collapsed lifter, or bent push rod, and with the oil on the floor, it is very apparent that parts of the motor are not where they should be.

So that is the story of what happened, wish I was telling you I was up against some exotic, or racing another member, but sadly, she was on a slow drive with a 68 yrs old man when she sighed her last breath.

So now comes my question, of you guys here on the forums building engines for customers, I am looking to put together something in the mid to low 10 second power range, from a proven builder with that reputation. I am not asking for safe, and keep it together, nor am I looking for cheap. I want a quality engine, with quality parts, and a proven combination that I can beat on for a while.

I have time, and I have the money to do this. Hoping to have it back in the car sometime next summer if it will take someone that long to build it. I am located in Florida, and I am not scared to ship an engine from somewhere.

I am a mechanic, ASE Master Automotive Certified. I can speak the language, and I have a background in Japanese performance turbo cars. While in the military I owned quite a few of the Nissan Skylines while stationed in Japan.

Please PM me, or email me if interested.


Sorry to hear about your problem, I'm in the market right now, for something very non-stock as well low 11's high 10's, already built, I want a fun car since I'm parking my low mile 900rwhp viper ACR (will be putting back to stock) allot of GN's are rebuilt, I'm sure there will be someone to chime in shortly to help you
It looks like you have plenty of time to build a motor. You dont have to keep it local. You can have one of the many reputable engine builders on this forum build you what you want and have it shipped. Pick and budget and then research builders. You dont want to have to do it twice because you went with someone that "says" they know what they are doing versus someone with actual experience with buick engines.
Thanks to some PM's I received this morning, I have sent out an email to see what I get quoted. Just in case some of you did not understand, I was looking for a long block, or complete motor. My block is going to be toast and I was not looking for a rebuild, but thank you.
Super Six, thanks, but I am going to go for the gusto on this one, if I am pulling it out, it is gonna happen once, and a new one is going in. It will be far from stock when I am done...
Super Six, thanks, but I am going to go for the gusto on this one, if I am pulling it out, it is gonna happen once, and a new one is going in. It will be far from stock when I am done...

JD and Don have some of the fastest Buicks in the country, and Don is an engine builder too. Phil builds race engines, and himself had an ~11 sec GN. There's a lot of fast Buicks and builders in our area (I am just N of Tampa)

Just a thought.
Don Cruz(Florida) or Chris Hogeland(Alabama) They are close. Then we have Nick if you don't care to ship. These names come to mind.
Just make sure what ever u do
Understand a race engine carrys no warranty . If u install it u own it

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This is not my first time building a car... just my first time building a Grand National. I have owned plenty of "fast" cars in the past, even owned a RX-7 performance shop for a few years. I know all about "race" engines, and their warranty. Thank you though.
Just make sure what ever u do
Understand a race engine carrys no warranty . If u install it u own it...........

That depends on the company you are using? :eek:

Of course we do not make the parts we install, but if it is defective we will, and have, replaced them.

We do stand behind our workmanship, and over many years having sent out over 600 turbo Buick V-6 engines in the US and Canada, we have an excellent record of customer satisfaction. :)

All our builds are machined and assembled in-house by just 2 experienced experts I work with that specialize in race and performance engines for off-road vehicles, boats, dragsters and other venues where the builds can cost over $50K, and there is NO room for error.

One customer had a very bad oil leak from the rear main seal, and we found the forged crank knurl caused the problem, and we replaced the crank at no charge of course.

If the build is done properly, the engine should perform to the customer's requirement and expectation as well as being reliable.

Race engines need to be maintained and re-freshed according to use, but should be reliable.
If I had a dime for every time I herd that
I'd be rich. :rolleyes:

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Working with Chris and Nick through the backside now :) Thanks

I recommend Nick as he rebuilt my 11 second street car and couldn't be happier. He also answers all my annoying emails! ;)

Who ever you do decide to go with, make sure he is a reputable Buick builder and you won't be wrong.
Good luck and hope she's ready by the time you're home.
My advice is to wait until you are state side and don't try to do the remote control projects.
You were in the industry..... you know why and what happens.
I tried it with a "top notch / blue ribbon" Turbo Buick shop and it was a terrible experience and I wasn't half way across the world like you--I only had a 6 hr difference Hawaii to NJ.
Just be patient do a lot of reading on here and make send a lot of emails to different shops and you'll hit the ground running by the time you get home.
Just make sure what ever u do
Understand a race engine carrys no warranty . If u install it u own it

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My engine builder told me once "If i f@!#$d up ill fix it. If you run 30psi on 87 octane then you f!@#$d up" What im saying is most reputable shops aren't going to screw you for there mistake. Not saying it hasn't happened.