Who's alchy chip is best?


Black Ice

At least for my combo & my goal of 11.99 or better ?I've got an 87 turbo-t we-4 with:

3 inch single shot
smc alchy kit
hot wire kit
walbro 340
air bags

It is a street driven car 99% of the time. I will be using 93 octane gas.I've heard good things about Jay Carter's chips & Jim Testa's chips for alchy,but wanted more info as far as what degree timing is best and should I use a 100 octane chip or a 93 octane chip?Is there anyone else's chips that are worth looking into?Also the costs and how to contact this chip maker to purchase?.
Thanks alot,
Black Ice
A friend of mine has a slightly milder combo than you with 868's,THDP,TA49 and he ran 12.1@115mph with a 1.9? 60ft.
He was running 92 octane w/SMC alky. He had Joe Lubrant burn him a chip for alky, it was around 23 degrees timing or so.
He sure is happy with it!
Nice street manners, and goes like stink!
Your 11.99 will become a thing of the past............
Hope that helps!:cool:
I ususally run the fp around 45#, give or take depending on weather and track conditions. Again. turn on point varies also but usually 14 - 15#. Jet is whatever came with Steve's kit. It is a single nozzle.

11.99 with your combo...

You have everything there to go beyond 11.99 with the right 60ft.

How much boost are you running with your setup? 22-24#?

Finally what's the difference between an alky chip and a regular chip?

reds 107 chip


Are you getting any knock with the 107 chip? And how much boost?

I'm thinking about trying my RA 107 as soon as the snow melts.:D


I run 25-26# boost. I keep the knock under 5* and typically get a couple * in the low end of third gear. But since I have installed the power plate, I have not seen any knock and that was right at the close of last season. I feel that I have the 49 maxed out at 26# so I may play with the timing and see if we can squeeze a little more out of the ole girl. I'll be real happy with 11.30s. :D

Jim Testa makes good chips for alky or any combo for that matter...I haven't had a chance to test mine out yet because I don't even have the damn kit yet!:rolleyes:
Re: 11.99 with your combo...

Originally posted by boostedmaxPSI

Finally what's the difference between an alky chip and a regular chip?


I am also wondering the same thing......

my guess is just a touch more timing and a different fuel curve. But would like to know for sure.

Is there an added benifit for running an alky chip over the conventional chip?
In my case there is NO difference between chips. It is Red's 107 race chip which I run on and off the track with the AI.