Who's going to Bowling Green?


Power Stroked
May 26, 2001
Just curious. If you are from the KC area i would like to follow someone down there.
I will probably be heading down there with my dad granted I get my tranny fixed by then. Either way, Ill be going. Feel free to follow us. Do you have hotel reservations?
No i haven't made hotel reservations yet. Which hotel are you guys staying at and how much is it per night? Thanks.
My car hopefully will be painted this weekend.
Welp, change of plans, I cant go this year because of the date change. How nice, I have finals the week of BG. Looks like I have more time to fix the GN and head out to Bristol in the fall.:(
I'll be taking my finals early so i can go. My car is slowly getting on its way. Right now it is all a part getting a few more coats of primer. My car is going to look totaly different when it is done. The windows and T TOPs are getting tinted. The car is hopefully going to be lowered and wear some 17's. Custom lower fiberglass door panels which will house a 6.5 and tweets and painted grey and clear coated if time permits.
New T Top WEATHERSTRIPPING which it dreadfully neads. And of course my Ford SD IC which is already installed and my direct scan. I can't wait! Oh yeah i still really need a drivers side header if anybody has one.
There will be a group of us pulling out early AM (0500 hrs) on Tuesday the 14th and returning Sunday the 19th. Give me a call at 913-557-9722 if you would like to set up something to follow us down.
Why don't you try and take the finals early so you can go???
cause neil has sand in his pu$$y

i will be leaving tuesday after work- 3pm from downtown kc-
Not really Bryan, I just feel school is a tad more important than going to BG. Ill see what I can do..........
Trying to get my car done soon as possiable but it is at the guys body shop. i can only can work on it when he is there and he is also in the airforce and lately its been hard getting time to work on it. he told me we would paint it this Saturday but i doubt that is going to happen. turbov6joe i will try and get a hold of you sometime. What hotel are you guys staying at? I just hope the car gets done in time :(
Joe, not sure when I am leaving. I'll either leave when you guys do or wait for Bryan. Defintely either want the extra room you have or that nice comfy floor you have for rent. :D
hehe you can sleep in the truck allen!!!

MOTEL 6 next to the white castles hamburger joint

mitch-- still got those spare parts? :)
Umm..thanks but no thanks. lol

I plan on driving if I can get the wheels on there asap...I think zak plans on driving too. I may join the club so I can race for a day while I'm down there. lata
Sure do. When do you have some free time so i can come over?
Not sure when i could come over just depends if i will be working on my car. Maybe this Sunday?
Ok, here is the skinny on floor space and reserved rooms at Motel V6. My pop reserved 3 rooms. 1 for myself, dad, and Scott Simpson. 1 for Bi-otch and his dad, and 1 for this guy JP and his girlfriend sugar britches. So far we should have floor space for at least 2 people. As for Bry and his room, Alan, you can sleep with Bryan:)
Looks like its getting sort of crowded!! Ill check my finals schedule and see if its feasible to go this year.:(