Who's going to Bowling Green?

I'll more than glad to fill some floor space:p That would save me a ton of money if i could do that. Beats sleeping in my car.
Somebody save me a spot on the floor...I still don't know what my work situation will be like then(If I get recalled by then and what shift/days off are going to be), so I'm going to have to play it by ear until then...If anything, I'll do like I did last year, and drive down on Friday, and roadtrip back Sunday with the rest of yous...
HAHAHAHAHAHAA...I would rather sleep in my car with the windows down in the damn ghetto than sleep anywhere near Bryans stinky azz....:cool:

J/k Bryan if thats ok with you, I'll do that. Just keep your hands to yourself.
Heheh...He sure cleared the room out quick Sunday morning last year, didn't he??? :eek:
I feel sorry for anyone that sleeps within 6' of that mofos farting bum! Anyone that farts and damn near blows a guy off the roof of his house because he could taste it, has a dead something in his arse. Did I forget to mention it was 17* outside! Jim, as usual there is a spot for you if you decide to come down. Looks as though there will be 1 spot left if Jim makes it! Looks like Powerstroked is making a claim on it.
Ask Scott Simpson how he managed to take his CPA exam while still attending BG, that will motivate you to make arrangements for taking the tests early!
Aint gonna happen this year fellas. I got to much stuff going on. The GN wont be ready anyway. So Ill just plan for Bristol in the fall. Later
See you there!

Hey fellas, I will also be at Motel 6. My wife and I will be in my T-type and a buddy is bringing his GN or Lesabre if his GN isnt fixed yet. I also had to get out of my finals at school. My priorities must be all screwed up because the NATS is way more important than school for me. I should roll into BG on sunday or at the latest- monday afternoon. We should all go out to dinner one night. Which car are you bringing Bryan? Cant wait to see you all there. Luke :)
hey luke--
im not sure what im taking-- ive bought 3 here in the last few months, and i need a new truck so i can take some stuff down to sell off .

im not gonna race again this year-- its just too far away to break the car-
maybe next year when i have a trailer-

i think everyone in kansas is staying at motel 6 :)

see ya there-
Bryan- you should bring the old TTA. It would be fun to wax a few stangs and rice with it.We will have to do some street racing this year. I need to get even with a certain mustang. Anyone have a set of nittos or street et.s I can use while in BG?
i sold my old tta to butch hudson last summer

i have a 12k tta that was at the noble race last year-
im not gonna take it to bg -
probably just take a pickup and trailer this year-
just incase if find a car i want
Heheh...Bryan, keep the trailer empty...With my luck, we'll need it to trailer my car home...LOL
Hey Jim- what are you up to lately? Did you ever get Tim's grey T-type running? What are you planning on racing this year? Yah Bryan, I was aware that you sold you TTA to Butch, let me get this straight- your in the market for yet another turbo regal? Now I understand why you are called the Dennis Kirban of KC. Let me know when you want to sell one of your cars, I just might be in the market for one of them.
Currently unemployed, due in part to 9-11...

Ummm...MY 87T now( :p ) ...got my spare motor at the machine shop now getting freshened up...should be running soon, hopefully...My buddy does machine work on the side afterhours and weekends at his dad's shop, so the turnaround time on work is just horrible, but he gives me a good deal...

As soon as I get my cam problem figured out, the 85 GN will be the car that I will mainly race...Should be running hopefully somewhere in the 11s if I ever get everything sorted out and working right...

hehehe...You shouldn't have said that...You will probably be getting a ph call from Bryan real soon...Bryan=Kirban's West

still plan on going...Bryan...is your floor still open???
Finally got my car painted:eek: It's taken over three months for it to happen but it is painted. Hopefully the guy will have it wet sanded and buffed this weekend. I am still trying to make it to Bristol but only for a few days. I try and put some pics on the web when i get it all put back together.