Why Buicks are Dying


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I will say.

The title of this thread, (Why Buicks are dying) is misleading. They are no where near "Dying" or soon to be dead. The numbers have shrunk, as they do with any production vehicle. You could almost not give away a Hemi Cuda during the gas crunch of the 80's. It's numbers were shrinking quickly. However, it held a very important title in American automotive history. "The quickest production car made in America". Does anyone consider them dead? They are now worth top dollar. That is the fate we will most likely fall into. No one will want to drive them, because they are too valuable, or you don't want to put miles on them.

You know when people say "Those were the good old days"? Well, I'm here to you. These are those good old days with these cars. Drive them and cherish every mile. When you spank a six figure exotic, tell him that he should be honored to have his ass handed to him by such an important and historic piece of American history.

He can thank you later. ;)
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Lot's of factors involved here and most have been addressed... age of the cars, age of the owners :eek: I'm 56 and not getting any younger.
I have made BG five times in my life but unfortunally not this year to many other life things happening. Would love to go to the TB nats but just couldn't get the time off and its a long trip from TX.

I joined the local Buick club here back in 1991 and served as club President for several years up until the club went defunct a couple of years ago. Still out there in name but not much else.

It got to the point where no one would show up for meets, races etc. I was doing all the work setting it up for just a handful of people. Shit happens I understand it. Cause it happens to me too.

We are a dying breed we might as well face it. :(
I don't believe we are going to see anything from Buick to revive the grand national market
It's not that, it's the people. The turbo Regal started life in the 70's, and took almost a decade to perfect by '87, and they were slow and boring, but had potential. During that time you had guys buying the earlier ones and trying to do something with them, with feedback getting back to Buick, and the improvements were made. Today, in 2018 you have a Buick GS AWD that dropped the four banger with turbo and went with the 3.6 V6 w/VVT and 9-speed automatic. Car is faster than what was released prior to '87, has loads of technology, and a computer system just waiting to be hacked or upgraded. If Buick seen a demand the way they did pre-SFI Grand National, a turbo would be on shortly, maybe even twins from the Cadillac, but Buick guys are still messing with the Grand National, so I'm not sure why anyone is surprised why nothing ever really comes of the newer stuff. If Bison created a turbo system specific to the car, if Eric and Bob perfected an ECU for it, and if PTC released a converter for it, most of these guys would be buying this damn thing tomorrow... ;)

Not many people want a four door car, especially with a corporate motor. That’s neither GN or GS. People still go to the GS Nats, maybe not as many as 15-25 year ago but the faithful are still going. It’s up to us, as owners, to participate & keep the events alive. We have to encourage younger hot rodders. But these cars were never produced in Camaro/Mustang numbers.
The problem is there is too many different buick events too close together to get maximum attendance. The events should be schedule 2 months apart or more say May, August, October ETC. The event sponsors and racers need time between events also the payout should be larger for the racers. I believe that would get the fans back into it.
Not many people want a four door car, especially with a corporate motor. That’s neither GN or GS. People still go to the GS Nats, maybe not as many as 15-25 year ago but the faithful are still going. It’s up to us, as owners, to participate & keep the events alive. We have to encourage younger hot rodders. But these cars were never produced in Camaro/Mustang numbers.
Well actually saying most GN owners don’t want a sedan , only a coupe - cause for all other cars sans pony cars and the Vette a coupe is not wanted at all. That’s why you don’t see coupes on the showroom floor
If I were to revive the Turbo Regal, I’d base of the two door Caddy. I have a Tahoe & four door Jeep for commuting.


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I would rather my performance car be a two door too (and it is) but I can do a 4 door... which I do. I have a silver 01 SC'd LS that runs 12's that I do nothing with but race at the track. I was bringing it to BG this year but plans to go have changed.

But I don't mind the 4 door it is a much bigger sleeper. You should see the look on their faces when GrandMa's Regal hands their ass to them. lol

I love my GN and I'll never sell it but I love the W body Regal's as well.

Wouldn't mind having a 14-16 GS AWD to play with Hmmm? Sticky tires and some tuning and probably faster than my silver LS Not sure about the newest NA V6 version
The car manufacturers are getting away from coupes - way too much cost and not enough return on investment - especially with cars that need to share parts with their high volume brothers. Kinda the reason you don’t see cars sharing the Camaro or corvette platform. It’s not that the brand managers don’t want them it’s they can’t make a business case for them
It’s up to us, as owners.
Yes, that is exactly it, and I am quoting this out of context. GM used to rely on street racers believe it or not for feedback on their performance vehicles through the magazines, and made changes based on demand. Today most Buick GN guys refuse to buy a Regal unless it looks exactly like what was made in the 80's, or close to it. Buick doesn't really have the freedom that it did in today's world, it's all based on parts sharing to reduce cost. Though they do have a twin turbo V6 to play with, coupes just aren't really selling for them these days, and we're lucky to at least see an AWD GS replacing the FWD entirely, no more FWD option, or manual, which is a plus. Look at the GTO guys, they were kicking and screaming about the '04 GTO when released, hated it with a passion, but now they're wishing GM brings it back because it created a loyal following. Hell look at the Dodge Charger, they released it as a 4 door, made the Dukes of Hazard purists sick to their stomach, but it eventually caught on, and the 392 version is pure kick ass. I think if more guys embraced the new GS, it would eventually end up as something very special.


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I promised myself to NEVER sell my TTA, so i dumped a bunch of money into it. A few years later of hearing how my kids can't ride in it because it is not safe, Hellcat coming out, and Buick is dead, I decided to get the Hellcat and sell the TTA. Now, i do miss the TTA, but the Hellcat is an all around badass car. Dodge really did a great job on this car. I get my release by wrenching on my 1966 LS C10 below (Turbo Coming Soon) You can check out my vids on my Youtube Channel Speed Junkie 707.
Here is a little vid of a roll on pull with a funny ending




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Actually the Camaro switched to the Zeta? chassis which Caddy was using. Heck you can walk into the dealer and buy a 650hp camaro 700+ Challenger/Charger. Lebanon sells a blown 2018 Mustang with 800hp for $40k. Horsepower is pretty "cheap and easy" now so to speak.