Why is ?


Nice Monte is that an SS
Kyle Busch such a little b!tch? and always look so tired? :biggrin:
I've nicknamed him SLEEPY.

...showed what type of person he is on Sunday. He wrecked his car, then left the track. Meanwhile, his team his busting thier hump putting his mistake back together so they could have a chance to go out and collect a few more points. maybe the 3 extra points gets him into the chase. Who knows but the team busted thier butts to get him back out and he was gone. JR takes the car out and picks up 1 extra spot and Busch gets the 3 extra points. Busch does not know that there is no "I" in team. I am glad that punk is driving stock cars and not doing a real important job like many of the kids his age, such as serving with thier fellow grunts in an infantry squad in Iraq or Afganastan. I dont know about you but if I was blessed with the chance to drive cars for Millions of $$ I would be right there with my "team" doing whatever it takes. I would probably get in the way but I would not leave them behind.

He's a Punk!