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Mar 5, 2017
Fairly new to all this, so sorry for the noob questions. Was told I need to get a scanmaster, wideband, and a new chip from TT for my 87 T. Got the scanmaster G, now I'm looking at widebands. Is there a specific type I need? I have a buddy at work who says he has an AEM new in the box that he never used, that he will give to me. Will any AEM wideband work? Eventually, I think I'd like to go E85, but that's might be a while until I get there... Would that play a factor? I have done a fair amount of searching through the forum prior to posting, just haven't found a definitive answer on the wideband part. Thanks in advance.
AEM is a good brand and a wide band is a wide band, as long as it's heated sensor, especially if it's free. :cool:
I personally sold my AEM wideband and went with a innovate wide band the reason is simple you can just go buy another sensor at autozone if it goes out and calibrate it to the wideband with the arm that single sensor is what the gauge is calibrated to and you can’t do a free air calibration with the AEM or at least the one I had acouple years ago . Do some research on it .
Innovative got a bad rap when they first hit the turbobuick market but that's what I run too.

It's beats out all other brands.

The whole free air calibration really is needed . You can buy a sensor from autozone and have it be calibrated correctly with the innovative with the AEM you have to buy a sensor from AEM that more expensive and hopefully they get you the right replacement because this is the primary sensor everyone uses to tune in and if it’s off it could just cost you a couple spark plugs or a entire engine so I definitely want it to be reading correctly.
You don't need to free air calibrate to be accurate the sensors have a trimming resistor that's used for calibration if your controller uses it innovate don't use it so has to be free air calibrated. aem is fine I've swapped them during tuning on the dyno reads just the same no matter the sensor used so does my 14point7.com Spartan 2 plug and play sensor swaps
AEM wideband installed. Fairly straight forward. Thanks for all the feedback.


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