will i run out of revs?


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I'm weighing the options of putting a built 200r4 or a th350 in a certain non-GM, turbo car..

what im worried about:
the best option i have for my rear end is a 3.73, and the factory rev limit of the car is 6500 rpms (and the electronics are very expensive to get modified).
the car has a PTE63 turbo on a 3 liter, 3600lb car. obvious it is going to have some pretty good HP. what im worried about is trapping with 28" tires.. with a 3800 rpm stall and the 3.73 rear end, on either the th350 or the 200r4 what mph will i be looking at @ 6500 rpm? what about with 26" street tires?

how do you guys handle this in the buick camp? are you all really revving high or what? or is there alot of guys bouncing off the factory rev limiters when they trap..

thanks in advance for the help, i truely appreciate any i can get.

Bill de Koning
btw- i am assuming i will have to run a non lock up convertor.. won't i fry a lock up with that much power and WOT?
how much conv. slip should i assume for a 200r4 w/ 3500-3800 stall convertor though? (a cheaper one)

and with th350, is there even more slippage/drivetrain loss?