WTB door pull strap caps


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Jul 5, 2004
In need of three door pull strap caps. I will take a full set if need be. Seeing if anyone here had a spare set of 3 or 4 before spending $50 on a set of new ones... I have paypal.
Do you have 3 at least? Do they have all mounting tabs? Not too concerned with how the faces look, I have engraved covers to put on, just want to make sure they will stay put. Let me know what you think is a fair price shipped to 91913.
Squid i have 2 oem GM ones still in the bag if your interested these are new in an unopened package pretty rare ive had them for awhile. let me know


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If you are putting on the ones we sell you can do it WITHOUT the stock covers.

Thanks Mark, I didn't even check that. There is enough mounting tape on the back, so you are right. I got an offer for 4 @ $20 shipped, so I will prob get those, just so they are more flush. If that deal falls through, and they cost much more than $20, I may just skip them... Thanks for all the offers and info guys!