WTB fenders/frnt grill shell & grill for a GN


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im looking for used fenders grill shell & grill & headlights for a race car thay dont have to be cherry just looking for decent parts i dont need the rad suport its going to be round tube or bumper thanks rob robsquezn@sbcglobal.net

have an 86 grille..

and fenders, but the shipping on the fenders may get you from here in Tn.:confused:
$65.00 for the grille
$90.00 ea for the fenders :cool:
Well the 86 and 87 grill are different. The 84-85 grill is basically the same as the 86. Let me know if you don't find one locally and need some pics.

I can give you one 87 GN driver fender,one 87 GN passanger fender and a 87 GN Grill all for 375$ shipped