WTB: Leather (TAN) Seats and interior set


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Guys, I want to change my car interior (WE4) and make it all TAN in color with leather seats and trim etc. Any help would be great. Even if the seats are not in good shape, I can get them redone. I just want to have the tan leather look to the car. Please forward me any info or if you know someone who may have some of the seats and door panels etc. I want to make my car look like this pic below. Please email me with any info:




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i got the rest of the interior that dsmith has the seats from. where are you located? i shipped a set of seats a year ago but it cost the guy $200 for shipping alone
I am in NJ. I can come to CT, that not a problem. Whats the condition of the seats? Can you call me at 973 224 2905.
I spoke to James earlier about the addiational stuff he has. He is a nice guy.