WTB Red/Burgundy lighted sun visor.


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Aug 3, 2018
So here's the deal. 86 GN I've now had for over a year now. I've been working on getting everything updated and fought a miss for quite a while. Ran down a bad MAF and a stripped bolt on the negative battery cable. I updated to the MAF to the LS1 and fixed the cable. I had it running good and drove it a couple of Saturday nights ago, to work and back and all was great. I got in it and the speedo wasn't registering. I pulled the cluster (digital) and after a couple of tries had the it working again. I noticed the radio wasn't working and started checking fuses. I keep blowing the radio fuse along with the power locks and interior lights not working. What could I have got into in this area to cause this mess? I've pulled it apart again and can't see any pinched or cut wires. I'll keep looking but thought maybe I could find a shortcut on her.

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I had a issue with the cigarette lighter socket shorting out that kept blowing a fuse. I think it is on this circuit you’re looking at but I’m not sure it’s been years.

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Check all of issues mention above, when replacing the fuse , it very easy to off set the prongs of fuse , one part of fuse will be connected an the other prong will not be inserted.Are you running any acc wires to the fuse box , if so make sure no frail wire is shorting out against something. That 20 amp fuse for these cars is just like AMEX ... don't leave home without it.
Thanks for the replies. I just got to thinking on the way in to work. I just had my interior done and installed the sun visors during all this. I'm thinking maybe the vanity light wire is the issue. Saying this as my dash is laying in my floorboard.:mad: As to some of the questions, yes it's an aftermarket radio. I've installed a tach, boost gauge, scanmaster, oil and temp gauges also. All of this has been working fine for months. I assumed I pinched a wire or something but now will look at the sun visor. I'm still not sure how this radio wire has anything to do with the power door locks.? I can see the interior lights as all the gauges and the radio are wired into them. I've got to get a couple of oil changes done tonight but I hope to at least unplug the vanity light and see what that does. I'll keep this thread updated. This is my 2nd GN. My first one was always worked on by the Buick dealer under warranty. :) I still have a lot to learn.
I worked on it for a few minutes last evening. I unhooked the vanity light and the radio fuse is holding and everything seemed ok at first. Most everything works now, but I have the left turn signal not working, the cruise light is always on and the radio circuit is hot and doesn't shut off with the key. I'll keep pushing forward.
Well time for an update. I've been looking into this a bit and I found that the vanity light was very hot during this. So far my left turn signals, front and back along with my bright lights (come on dim and then go out) and both brake lights aren't working. With the help of a buddy whose pretty good at troubleshooting, we've come to the conclusion that we have a / some shorted wires in the dash but he also thinks it may be in the turn signal/bright light lever. He's an electrician for GM for the last 36 years and they are working 7 days a week so I don't think he's got time to help. I'm in over my head on wiring so I think I'm going to break down and take it to someone qualified. I'm pretty close to Boost Crew in Louisville, Ky so I think I'm going to give them a call. Anyone deal with them and can give me any references on them? Thanks for listening and the comments.