WTB, Turbo

Dave Burns

May 26, 2001
Posted in parts wanted also. Looking for a good used hot air turbo. Its for my kids car, and money is tight. Any deals out there ? Anyone parting one down ?
A rebuild on a TA33C cost me $330. Stocker is probably cheaper. Call Precision Turbo (board member) for a price. Take-care- Brad
Guys. Just looking for a good stocker. This is for my sons car, and we only run around 12#s on it. He is gonna run in high school class this year, and I want him to run slow and learn to play in a big car. Anyways, I just replied to a PM for one and told him I would buy it. I had one email but never got a addy to send payment too, nor a name of who was contacting me. None the less, I got a deal in the works for one. But I will keep this post handy. We have a race coming up and we need a turbo.
i have two one was on my ex hotair gn and one on my t type soon to be ic car. but have no shaft play on either the one on the gn was running about 15psi and the ttype was running about 18psi let me know if you still need one you can probally get pretty cheap considering i will not have no use for hotair parts after jun and i will be posting all of my hotair parts in the for sell area i have a complete hotair setup. but you will have to pay shipping thats why the turbo will be cheap im in hawaii and shipping is not to cheap from here