WTF?! E-mail help please


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Jul 24, 2001
OK, my bulk mailbox is getting flooded by e mails with attachments, so its taking up all the room and I miss mail. Why am I getting all these e mails? Some seem to be car related. I'm thinking maybe someone had me in their stored address', and they got that virus, so I'm getting all these e mails. I'm not opening any of them. I'm getting about 30-40 an hour. This sucks.
Because they are from all different address's. The virus gets the address's from someones list, then it just spreads. I'm getting mail from all the vendors, some non buick that I've never used, and some people. All have attachments.
The addresses will vary... but come from the same IP range I'll bet. So, dont bother blocking by address unless its the same each time.

I dont recommend opening them to look at the header as I dont know what patches/AV you have or if you are behind a firewall or even what operating system.

That said, the header info will have what IP these messages come from. I wagering its one or two currently. The solution is to either block traffic from that IP address or to setup filters with your email program.

Filters you can setup without opening the email - all you need are the subject. Filters or "Rules" can be set to automatically dump stuff to a folder or just to delete them. I suggest deletion... doubt any important email you get in the next weeks are "that video" or "your details". If so, they can send again with a diff subject. Im assuming you are getting the same 4 or 5 subjects over and over.

Also, set your email proggy to not display the message in preview mode such that you HAVE to double click the message to open. Preview might as well be the same as opening for some email programs.

If its not manageable on your end get the ISP you use involved...