Some Early Christmas Deals

Dennis Kirban

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Mar 5, 2009
Here we go. Same program as previous ones. Refer to the letter or number code on your request. Email me direct don;t post request here as I may not see it in time. I don't deal with photos so please don't ask. My descriptions are accurate and prices seem to be fair.

In the spirit of Christmas here is a additional discount. Buy any two items on this list and you can save $15. This is providing both items have a price of $40 or more. All my prices include UPS shipping to the basic 48 states.

Paypal is method of payment. PA residents must add 6% sales tax. Those are the rules.

Here is the listing:

12-A I have two real nice original good tested GM style brake accumulator bowls. By nice I mean on a scale of 1-10 these are an 8 in appearance. Price is $75 each. These are not a cure all for all PM issues but in some cases is the solution.

12-B For any year Turbo Regal the highly desireable refurbished upgrade lower steering shaft. This is the preferred modified GM one not the Jeep unit. Getting tougher and tougher to get these. Price is $119.95 again includes UPS ground to the basic 48 states.

12-C For the 1987 Buick model line up I have the 96 page original Buick brochure. I have 5 copies of these. The price is $16.95 each which includes priority mail shipping to the 48 states. This covers the entire 1987 Buick line up.

12-D For the 1984-1987 Grand National or GNX a nice pair (set) of the side marker lites. This is the side marker that bolts to the side of the headlite bezels. This is a matched pair has the black out trim. The price is $65 which includes UPS ground to the basic 48 states.

12-E For the 1984-1987 Turbo Regal the flimsy plastic panel that covers the area under the dash under the steering column has the trap door to access the fuse box. Cheap at $35 which includes UPS to the basic 48 states.

12-F For the powermaster brake unit I have two good used reproduction Cardone brake bowls new they run$200 own either of these for just $100 which includes UPS ground to the basic 48 states.

12-G For the 1987 Turbo Regal I have 5 absolutely mint 1987 Maintenance booklets this would be one of the 5 booklets that would have been in the glove box back when the car was new. Price is $16.95 each which includes Priority mail shipping.

12-H For any 1984-1987 Turbo Regal refurbished flip down stay down rear license plate brackets. I think I have 3 of them. The price is $32 each which includes priority mail shipping.

REMEMBER Any two items $40 or more you can deduct $15 as a special Christmas deal. Can't be combiend with our website parts.

Here is some sections of the original grey Pallex eat material. This is the real deal the grey that GM used in all lthe 1986-1987 Grand Nationals/GNX seats. No reproduction is a dead on match to the real stuff. This is all dated in the 1980s. Also has the letters C & A on the back which stands for Collins and Aikman the original manufacturer of the material. They are no longer in business from what I have found. Al l the material listed below is the standard 55 inches wide. The same grey pallex material is what was used on the top half of your GN/GNX door panel. Each door panel needs 12 inches.

Code E is Dated 1989 25 inches long $150

Code F is dated 1989 runs 20 inches long $100

Code K dated 1989 runs 33 inches long $170

Code N is dated 1989 runs 16 inches long $100

Code S dated 1989 measures 19 inches long $85

Code AJ dated 1988 is 9 feet (3 yards) probably enough to do all the grey in front & rear seats $495.

Code AT dated 1989 is 14 inches long $85.

Again this is the real stuff. Extremely hard to find 30 years later. All this material is in very nice shape.
No marks no holes no fading.

12-M I have 2 of the original 30 year old GNX posters. This is the one that states A High Performance Investment for the Fortunate 500. (In reality it was 547). Posters are in good condition with some age look to them. Looking for $125 each. Price includes UPS shipping to basic 48 states.

Again in quick review email me direct if something perks your interest. Our Christmas M&M contest is just a few short weeks away. We have several new products that will be coming out shortly. One that Spool fool did. We supplied the idea he supplied the talent and skill. So you know it looks better than nice. Actually better than the original GM part did even when new. I also provided an idea with Cardone they supplied the $$$ and the skill to make it happen. I expect to have that sample shortly. Ironically both of these parts will have about a $100 price tag.
I'll take


12G. X 2

Email sent
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kirban update

First, I don;t do photos as a rule because its a lot of extra work.

Here is a run down of the parts that are left all else sold quickly today

12-C got 3 left
12-H one left
12-M 2 left

on the original gray pallex material I have

Code E, Code F, Code N, Code AJ, Code AT

Everything else is gone

As for photos of the is exactly what is in your 1986-1987 Turbo Regal it is the original material. I have sold many many yards of it over the years never had any problems. A photo would look just like your original material. There is no question as to how it looks it is the real 30 plus year old material.

If you are not familar with who I am just ask anyone on this forum....about my parts....

My items that I usually post here are priced to sell quickly...

You got to email me personally if you want any of these items....
Thanks kirban.

Yeah Dennis does not do pictures but if he states they are in great shape then that mean they look almost new! I've always gotten really nice parts from him no complaints!!

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