Yes, another one...


Oct 10, 2004
I get annoyed seeing these types of threads, but with my car gone for almost a year now, I'm getting really anxious to see what it could possibly do. :redface: I've got a real good idea, but just looking for people with similar combos or more experience than me.

109 .030 over
forged wiseco pistsons
stock rods
RJC girdle
Champion ported iron heads
Champion ported intake
Revolution X roller cam 210/215 with morel lifters
stock rockers (may switch to rollers)
stock throttle body
Red's XP fuel pump
60lb injectors
CPT66BB turbo F1wheel
Cottons big FMIC
Razor's alky kit with dual nozzles
TT 6.0 chip with powerlogger
Full billet 2004r Extreme Automatic w/elec trans brake
PTC 3200 stall
275/60/15 ET streets
Stock rear end w/locker (may hold off on transbrake until beefed up)
Full weight 87GN hardtop with drag wheels

What do you guys think it will run on pump gas 17psi? Street tune with methanol 25-28psi?

I'm going to get it professionally tuned, not sure by who yet. BTW last time out I went 1.62 60ft on old Nitto's off the footbrake 4-5psi.
That basically the same combo I'm doing minus different turbo At 28lbs u should be 128-130mph range n 10.40s. Throw come 110 in the tank n turn it up to 30psi for some 132mph runs. Be sure to post ur times. Bc I'm very interested as well. Mine has been sitting for a year as well strangling enough we should run identical times more or less:biggrin: