your best guess on time for my GN


Heres what I have... std bore TTA block with 2 and 3 caps, speed pro forged pistons, champion cnc ported factory heads, ported intake, TA 49, 3" downpipe, 42 lb injectors and a armstrong 93 chip, good exhaust. duttweiler neck, 342 posi, 275 drag radials and julios alky system. I'm guessing 25 lbs boost. oh... regulator,pump,hotwire ect... no converter yet.... how fast in good weather? thanks !!!!! Steve its an 87 GN
Will the car 60 foot well? Will it pull clean and hard all the way down the track? A lot of variables. The only definate way to find out will be to go out and run it.
ITs not really what the car can do, but what the driver will do. As a car can be capable of 11.3-11.4 but if the driver is inexperienced, low 12's is most likely.
well since this it the lowest HP car that i own... I'm sure that when you guys say 12.30's and inexperienced drivers I guess that you think that since I have yet to take it down the track that I dont stand a chance .... All i wanted to know is what its capable of.
I have a 4200 lb 57 nomad with a mild big block 9" tire that runs 10.40 on the motor.
but I'm sure that if some of you guys drove it it would run 8.90's ... my daily driver 66 suburban with FI and twin turbos or the twin turbo vette I just built . Like you said. I'll just have to take it to the track and find out... thanks for the help.
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ta49 and 009s alot of guys, average or not, run 12.30

I think the best has been 10.90 it had alot of stuff done, but the car was dialed in by a guy who knew what he was doing.

I was trying to give you a realistic number, low low 11s is at high boost, and since you have heads, you really need a larger turbo to benefit the better heads.

If your here asking what is capable, how about hitting the track and letting us know what it does...

BW :)
Yeah, 11.1 all day long with a ta49... How much you guys been drinking tonight?:biggrin:

Hell i dunno.


If i put the TA49 on mine it would do at least that:biggrin: . I had a 44 on it b4 and it was strong at 29psi. It was working really hard though. It ran 10.88@126 easily with just the change to a T72 p trim 2 days later at 23-24psi. 60' sucked too.
First thing toss that Reds chip a get a TT alky chip for your build.
11's in the 1teens it should run easily enougharound 22-24 psi