Zeitronics Wiring Harness for GM Flex Fuel Sensor

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Nov 11, 2002
There doesn't seem to be a part number on their web site....just a description so here it is, "GM Style 12570260 Flex Fuel Connector Harness". $29 plus shipping. It is 8' long. Three wires and connector for the sensor. You are on your own for connecting to FAST XFI.
also, if you call them they will make you any length you need. i think i ordered a 12' one from them
That is a very good point. I mounted my sensor on driver side wheel well but close to the firewall. The standard length harness is plenty long for that location. If you move sensor to point near the fuel tank or near the front bumper on driver side, you will need a longer harness. It is good to know that custom lengths are available.