1-2 Accum piston too loose?


OK, as part of my ongoing "science projects" about the 200-4R I bought a KZ3 valve body today, with the seperator plate & 1-2 Accumulator assembly with it.

The piston falls out of the Accum body when I turn it upside down. It still has the stock black teflon ring. Is it supposed to be this loose? There no scoring on the housing walls, and very little wear.

Also, how do I tell if the pin in the Accum housing is too worn? Sonnax has a kit to fix that, but they don't say how to tell, other than a burned band.
That is how mine was too. I think it is normal. However it wasn't a concern for me as I do not run the 1-2 acc piston or spring at all.

Incidently in the 3-4 acc I used a new piston from a 700r4. This is the new design which is mentioned in Chris's manual. I bought it new along with the stiffer spring on ebay for around 9 bucks I think.
when the pin is loose it allows accumulator back pressure to leak into the second clutch passage.although it will exhaust thru the vent hole in the 1/2 shift valve it nonetheless is a waste of pump output as well a cause of reduced accumulator backpressure and softer than attainable 1`2 shifts