1/4 inch shims G80 8.5 inch differential


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Jan 10, 2004
Rebuilt my 8.5 inch 10 bolt G80 differential and found that one of the 1/4 in shims under the cap
was cracked. Yukon rebuild kit has many backlash adjustment shims, but I would need to find the
GM part # for the larger shims. These may also be referrred to as thrust washers. Any ideas of
aftermarket or GM # for replacements would be appreciated.
you wont find the gm shim for sale as they were all different sizes and chosen at build for what was needed
i have a stack of them but the odds that you will find one that will give you the correct backspace and preload are slim to none

search "motive gear shims 1105"
the kit has several thick plates and thins to get the desired preload (enough for both sides)
and forget the high price at yukon, summit or jegs ..
search and youll find a price hard to beleive
hit a junkyard and start pulling differentials out of 8.5 equipped cars and trucks that are heading for the crusher until you build up a good collection..