1076 hp & Twin-Turbo (Video)


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Aug 28, 2001
Not sure if anyones seen this yet. This thing smokes the wheels on the dyno. It's clearly not a V6, as obvious by the sound. But it's still pretty badass. I still think they could have gotten a little more power out of a twin-turbo'd V8, since I've seen turbo V6's run make that much with single turbos.

yep, that is chris chow's famous dyno vid. That car is a twin turbo SBC, a 355 i think. That vid never gets old, What a beast!
Chris's Motor is a Duttweiler SBC Rocket Block 390ci.
He purchased it from Bob Rieger when he had Kenny build the 427 SBCs. That was before they went really crazy with BBCs
At the time of the Dyno Session the car was down a hole
and running low boost. With all 8 holes it made around 1700hp
at sfae boost on Kenny Motor Dyno with a different cam.
I would expect that on kill the car would put down 1500plus
to the rear wheels. To bad the dyno is done at 1200 :eek:

Chris has gone 8.39 @ 166 with a very safe tune up.
The car was over 3500lbs at the time!
That car is complete and total insanity on wheels.

Anyone have that file (or a link to) as an MPEG or something that I can download? Would like to add it to my collection. Cant d/l it from that particular site.