18000 mile tta motor


You wont keep up the pace
stock 18000 mile shortblock with 750miles on fully ported heads, with a atr309h roller cam 210/214 duration , roller springs, new chain, hv oil pump kit, arp head bolts ,ported intake, tta factory headers with crossover , stock oilpan, flexplate, balancer, and intercooler /// no mounts turbo or injectors or front acc. ie alt. p/s or waterpump whats in the ad is all it comes with $2800.00 or best offer went 11.006@122 in a 3685lb tta at 21psi boost
That's pretty impressive time slip. Pretty impressive modding too. Are you trying to sell your motor or car or something? If so, e-mail me.

hmmmmmm car for $3000....dont think so....engine only...what a deal...some guys want 5K for a stocker :)
come on now everyone,someone has got to need a tta motor i used to always hear people wanting to swap one in

ya thats ok u give me a large deposit more then 50% keep paying me and when its payed off ill shipp the motor kinda like layaway
You still got that thing?

What a bunch of strokes!!!

All these people looking for motors? Thats a ****ing Deal doood!!

If I had the cash actually....

How much again?

I could be racing this year :)
I would love to buy that and drop it in my 98 Firebird. But I am currently unemployed:(

When I do get a job and things are cool again I will let you know.
george, ya think there is any chance u might still have it by the middle of next month???

i can't promise anything , BUT I MIGHT have the $$ again it doesn't do u much good by me saying that, but i "might" be able to get the $$ no promises though..

Doesn't sound like anyone is moving on this deal...so maybe u'll have it. What turbo comes with it(if any) also were u running DFI or a chip(my guess was DFI) COULD this engine but run off the computer and a custom chip?? thanks man
ok thats cool

can u do me a favor? email me with everything included and any more info that u can think of. Is the injectors and stuff like that a part of it? if so what size are they?

I couldn't find the cam on ATR's website, can u give me those specs as well?

Also i will be able to let u know the first week of Nov. :)

email is ClarkeMustGoNow@aol.com THANKS!!! :)

Or you can just send me a private message, whatever is easier :) like i said just basically let me know EVERYTHING you can think of..lol!
what do u need to know its all in the ad what is included let me know if there is anything else u need to know