1986 Buick T-type Rosewood


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Sep 28, 2010
Selling my 1986 Buick T-Type. Orignal Rosewood paint has flaws, but is original. No rust on this body. Interior is in great shape. 58,000 mile car. Motor is stock minus the few things I have done. Here is the list:

-TE44 Turbo (less than 100 miles on it)
-Razor ALKY System
-42 LB injectors
-Adjustible Fuel Pressure Reg
-New Walbro fuel pump
-Colling System redone. New hoses, water pump, aluminum thermostat housing, 160 thermostat, and new heater core.
-Vacuum Brake conversion.

I have had this car for 2 years. It was completely stock (except K&N air intake) when I bought it. Even had the original exhaust. Have all the original parts taken off the car that will be given to the buyer. Also have a nice set of 1980 Corvette wheels that I was going to put drag radials on that will go with the car as well. I have never taken it to the strip. Was waiting until I had every thing done. Asking $11,500 OBO. Car located in Jacksonville, FL.


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If I may ask, where did you get the gauge cluster that sits on the pass side of the dash above the glove box?
It was already in the car when I bought it. The gauges, except the boost/vac gauge which I replaced because it only went to 15 psi, are all older Stewart Warner gauges that were put in when the car was newer (I'm guessing). I have never seen another one like it. Sorry I can't help.
No. It is not a Limited. It's just a T-type. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I dont think they made any Turbo Limited's in 86, just 87.
I just found out that the previous owner of this car died in May. He was a great guy. RIP Joe Pagliarulo.