1987 white t-type dutchess county ny

chris c

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Nov 17, 2004
1987 white t-type, t-top car with blackout package. burgundy interior, buckets, console shift. 100k plus on car [unsure of mileage]. 15k on engine and tranny. car has PT-52 turbo, 42.5# injectors, TH downpipe, 3" exhaust, arp headbolts, etc. engine seems to make pretty good power. tranny shifts every gear, does not slip but engine seems to make more power than gets to the ground. i feel a torque convertor would do wonders for this car.

body is in decent shape with some minor cosmetic work needed [few rust bubbles here and there]. interior is nice.

car will come with many spare parts, interior trim, door trim, blackout mouldings, fenders, doors, 1/4's, etc. bring a truck and a trailer and i'll load them both. :biggrin:

car usually sits on a set of telstar wheels but i put these standard regal wheels on it because i was going to start doing some of the cosmetic work. to be honest i have just taken on 1 too many projects and i need something gone. i am overwhelmed... :(

no resonalble offer refused.

wanna sell the telstars separately?

Shoot me a # that your looking to get for the car..

don't seem to see an edit function. forgot that i have a direct scan and laptop to go with car...