2 step not cutting rpms


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1st off the unit got wet but I dried it for over a month before reconnecting. I don't see any obvious corrosion but I'm no expert. Once it got wet I immediately pulled it. It was not powered up wet.

Things that have been verified.
Run light comes on with engine running
12volts to pink & red wires on big harness car running.
Toggle switch on and brake switch button pushed the trigger light comes on and the grey and brown wires both get 12 volts.
At the Ecm white wire from 2step soldered to white wire B4 Ecm side.
Grey wire connected engine side.
Black connected to known good ground.

Blue and Brown not connected

Settings inside 2 step config 1 on. 2&3 off
86 GN
For test purposes main Rpm is 2000
Trig Rpm is 1400


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Whenever electronic boards get flooded with moisture the first thing you should do is douse it with alcohol to remove the water. Then blow dry it with low pressure compressed air. If you just let it air dry the moisture will form corrosion between leads. If the board has surface mount devices like your 2-step it is very susceptible to corrosion/shorts between the leads because of their close proximity.
Maybe I'll send it in. There is no visible corrosion.
I really think that it's not the 2step itself. Everything else is checking out it just won't cut spark. Does anyone know what characteristics the terminals going to B4 should have when triggered.
What I mean is should I get voltage or a certain ohm range or something.
Because if the grey wire white does what the 2 step tells it then my problem is elsewhere. Right?

I have looked on Bailey's website but for some reason I can't find a link to send an email
Was your injector harness hot wired by you or a previous owner? If so the connections are a little different than for a stock one
is the power cable plugged into the correct fuse, and is it plugged in the right way?

I took this 2step out of my previous car and I must have left the plug adapter plugged into the ccci slot.

When I wired it in this car I connected the pink wire and the red wire to right hand side of ccci fuse. Eric informed me that this plug is crucial.

Mr Bailey can I order that plug from you
Yeah, I replied.

please edit your post and take my litteral email out. the spambots can pick that up..

I need to make sure I have one on hand (I think I do)