200 4r on a 292 chevy engine


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Dec 10, 2010
hi I'm new to the site i have a chevy truck with a 6 inline engine and wanna go overdrive but dont know what tranny to get there is one here in town for $450 he says it was rebuild not too many miles ago i'ts a 200 4r with 1t80g0860 numbers he says it came out of a 86 cutlass any way is this a good tranny or should I look for an other trans I'm not looking for racing just a freeway cruiser.. thanks
It should work but it depends how the truck is geared. It the truck has big gears in the rear it may shift kind of early.
Setting up the TV cable shouldn't be that hard just follow the correct geometry.
700R4 Info Page 1

As far the the OG vb it's not the best but for cruising only it will work. The shift points come early & it takes some work to get em better.
What oil are guys using I found me a BQ tranny rebuilt I'll be doing the swap today and wondered about oil type
There're numerous Threads on here about different types of Trans fluid members use. Anywhere from Dexron III to Hydraulic Tractor fluid. For your Trans Dex III or Ford Type-F fluid would be fine. Type-F will give slightly firmer shifts.
The BQ code Trans will auto shift at a higher rpm but, as said above your rear gearing will affect this.
A few more TV Cable Links:
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The TV Cable geometry at the Carb's Throttle shaft is very important.
What type Carb are you going to use?
You'll also need to wire up the TCC/TorqueConverterClutch Lockup. You can by a Kit or make your own.
The 700R4 & 2004R Trans use the same basic type TCC Lockup wiring.
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