200-4R questions?


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I have a 200-4R out of an 84GN that I'm going to use in my TR. I have a few questions. What is the differences between the standard 200-4R and the ones used in the TR's? I've been told the ones used in the TR's are much better than what you'd find in say an Olds station wagon.

Also, the tranny only has 74,000mis but has been sitting for about 8yrs, but was supposed to be a good one. Should I go ahead and rebuild it for peace of mind or will the period of inactivity not hurt it? Do these 200-4R's respond well to mild shift kits, or am I p*ssing in the wind? From past experiences shift kits seem to help auto trans run a little cooler and last longer. Any suggestions on rebuilding this thing, its just going in a warmed over DD. Thanks, I know its alot of questions. :eek:
Calibration of the valve body for the torque of the V6, governor to work with the valve body and in the intercooled cars, the servo was the 694 (large) and the hotairs got the 692 servo. The wagon might have the 569 servo which should never be used in a turbo application. The pre 85's don't have the hardened sun shell unless someone has been in it and put it there.

I make my own kits but some of my customers have been VERY happy with the CK valve body kit. "Shift kits" help eliminate slippage which raises fluid temps. There should be a fast shift and not necessarily a hard shift.
If mine has the 692 servo, would it be worth it to put the 694 in? And if I dont have the hardened sun shell, is that pretty much a necessity in making these things live? Thanks:cool:
I would go with the GN servo for sure. Cannot hurt to have extra holding power on the band even if you use a stock band. The sun shells have a tendency to strip out the splines and you will have a no shift complaint and no reverse.