225/70r15 on front 15x7


Can some people please confirm that a 225/70 will fit on the stock size 15x7 wheels on the front without clearance issues? I have 275/60 in the rear and the back is up a little higher to clear. With 28 inch tires in the back and 26 inch up front I really don't like the way the car sits. Step 1 is to try this tire as it's 27.4 inch and then new front springs if more lift is needed. Thanks.

Current setup
Front: 15x7, 3.75" BS, 235/60
Rear: 15x8, 4" BS, 275/60
The typical P225/70R-15 should fit the stock size 15x7 wheels just fine. And IMO look much better than the 215/65R-15 stock size, as well as any 60 series size tire. I ran a pair of Hankook Optimo H724 225/70R-15's on two 15x7 Vision 521 Nitro wheels for my street setup. The 15x7's had 4" back spacing. Stock springs front and rear. No rubbing on turns.
It had a level 27" stance all around and the ride was Awesome!
I ran MT ET Street SS 255/60R-15 drag radials in the back on 15x8 Vision 521 NItro wheels.
All picked up from Amazon.
Here's a few pics.

- Patrick

Wow, thank you for the info and especially the images! That is a nice looking setup. I've also been searching to see how the 255/60 on a 15x8 would look on these cars and yours is a perfect example. It looks like you're using all of the tread and I'd wager the contact patch width is very close to the 275/60 on my 15x8.

I'll have to see how high off the ground my wheel arch is right now. Everything should be original except for the Bilsteins. I'll report back.
Ok, so as seen here my front is 26.5" high and the rear is 28.75" high. I don't think it's as noticeable in the pictures, but the 2.25" rake is obvious in person on level ground. The best the larger front tire would do is bring the font up to 27.15" high, or probably right where RUQWKNF's sits. It would definitely look better with the tires closer in size and about a 1.5" rake. Looks like I'll need to figure out how to get the back down if I really want it level.

215/70-15 front
255/60-15 rear
on stock wheels.


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Yup, I had the 255's on stock wheels previously. That's the best you can do with a 7" wide wheel. I'm honestly wondering if a 255 would have the same contact patch width on a 8" vs the 275. I'll make a separate post for that. In regards to front tires I think the sweet spot for me is the 215/70/15 on a 15x6.