3.5" downpipe. Fits with A/C and ATR headers.


9 Sec Wanna-Be
May 25, 2001
I wanted a 3.5" downpipe that would work with A/C and ATR headers but I couldn't find myself to go buy one to take a chance of it not fitting properly. So, I built one myself using one 3.5" stainless "J" bend and a 1.5" "J" bend for the external waste gate. I bought a turbo flange from a board member...(forgot who it was...sorry.) I also fabricated some wastegate flanges to mount the external wastegate taken from my old ATR 3" downpipe. The best part is it only took three sections of 3.5" pipe to make it fit! The pipe did want to hit the upper control arm but only when hitting harsh bumps on the road. To avoid any damage to the downpipe I installed some tubular upper control arms. Now there's plenty of room and no hitting at all.



VERY tight....but it fits and that's why I wanted to build one for myself.....





GREAT Job!! How long did it take you to get it fit, cut, fit, tacked, fitchecked, ect........... Not a five minute job is it?:D
Can you say SQUEEK? Looks good, Post some of your other tricks like the geroter pump and the duel fuel injection for the others. Yes I've been looking.