"383 in 1997 1/2ton chevy pickup.."


"Da, Big Chiefie Rat"
Mar 19, 2002
Looks like my 350 is just about to give up the fight..:( :(

My plan was to buy a crate 350 from GM when this one went south, but I noticed that GM sells a crate 383 that will hook right up..:D

Just woundering if this would be more of a money pit, than the truck is worth..

Im thinking I would have to up grade injectors, fuelpump, Dont know about ecm?

Anything else you guys can think of?? I think the trannys in these trucks would be able to take the extra hp/tq??

Just woundering if anyone out there has tried this, and if so is there anything I should look out for?

Thanks in advance,

Check out fullsize chevy.com for info.

I put in a 388 in my 89 and am still haveing problems but they will hell, one whole section just for stroker motors
I have an 81 Suburban 4x4 with 8 inches of lift and 35 inch BFG mud terrains. With the stock 350 it didn't have much get up and go so when it finally died I had a 383 built and installed by a local engine builder. Had it built with 9 to 1 compression and edelbrock performer cam, intake and 780 carb. It has headers and he dynoed it and it put out 320 hp at the flywheel with 92 octane gas. I can't remember how much torque. It has some get up and go now. I like the 383 and if anything ever happens to it I will have it rebuilt or another one built.
Tarey D.