500+ rwhp recipe


well after many years iam finally building a motor for my GN i want a 500-530 rwhp combo. i wont be going to the track its mainly a street car i will be putting it on a dyno just to verify i met my goal:biggrin: here is what iam doing iam hoping some of the more experienced members give me some of their input! this is what iam going with

1. 109 block .030
2. 2 billet center mains
3. stock crank .010
4. trw forged pistons .030
5. 210/215 roller cam
6. champion cnc ported heads with studs
7. 60lb injectors,walbro,hot wire,adj reg
8. scan master,power logger with wideband kit
9. te44 for now...looking for sugestions for up grade
10. alky control kit
11. 9/11 2800 stall l/u
12. slic intercooler
I would go up on the turbo and TC, the rest of what you have will get you to your goal. I think you will need a little more turbo tho. I don't know a whole lot about the newer turbos but I'm sure some of the experts can help with the suggestion.
I can tell you a car I built for a friend had, stock motor and trans, with a TA 60, 55s, Slic, 3" dp, hotwired xp pump, volt booster, the usual bolt ons made 410 RWHP @ 24 #s My bud then told me he wanted the next level, So we put 206/206 roller, champion heads, TE45A, Double pumper, and 72 # injectors and made 509 rwhp at 23 #s These are by no means max performance numbers just what we made with a streetable combo and a safe tune. He runs cam 2 all the time and drives it ALOT on the street @ 20+ #s
I would not do the billet caps and do the girdle instead.Don't take my word for it ,their are many fast cars run that way..............Good luck and enjoy

i dont know that ta-49 has been well into the tens before and is a fun street turbo(quick spooling)
6176/Garrett .63 and 25psi/22*. Should be about 520whp with the converter locked. $550 shipped if you want a 6176/Garrett .63
I think what Bison is offering is a great deal. You would do well to take his advice, he know his business.
first of all thanks for the replies...the te 44 will be put on just for the break in period till i can figure out what turbo will meet my goal...i will eventually move up in coverter if necesary..
I wouldn't bother running the old turbo just for the break in. I'd get the turbo bison suggested or something similiar, tune it, break it in, and enjoy the ride. Why do the turbo and tuning twice?
I say break it in with an old turbo. Had to rebuild my turbos both times i had a new engine. Apparently the break in material causes some issues and leaks into the exhaust side.
Get a nice dual ball bearing turbo 6267 6265 air cooled.

6265bb is $1500. He could spend his $ much more wisely and net way more performance. Even a journal 6076 would get it done for $600. Id want the Garrett housing regardless. 6265 BB/.63 Precision spools slower than 6176 journal /.63 Garrett. Believe it or not.