'79-80 Century Turbo Coupe sought

at least I'm gonna try to find a good one within my province as soon as there's no snow on the ground !!
During that time I'm buying parts here & there.
Do you have pics of your 2 79 CTC??
Hey, I'm an Ontarian, and there were some around in the early 80s when I had my 442. Just check out those wrecking yards.
If anyone needs some parts off a 1979-80 Buick Century Turbo, I saw one at the junkyard with only a broken rear window. It's in Southern California, I will post a picture if I can get it off my phone. Looked like a low mileage car from what I could tell, better then the one listed on ebay in this post, it is a rust free California car.

Let me know quick, cars out here don't last to long at the yards 3-5 weeks tops.
kramer, I have an NOS left front fender for a 78-80 cutlass salon. Has 2 holes
(1 for a side marker light & 1 for a chrome trim piece at the top by the windshield) that could be filled. Make me an offer.
I have only seen one. It's sitting in my garage !!!! I bought it from the original owner in July. It has 11,000 miles on it. They will be very hard to find. I haven't been able to find any production numbers but I was given a letter by the original owner that he got from Buick stating that there were 61 Buick Century Turbo Coupes built in 1979. I figure that there were even fewer built in 1980. If you find one, make sure it's in pretty good shape. All the exterior sheetmetal & the rear interior panels are special to the Century. If I come across another one, I'll let you know.

Good Luck !!
thats incorrect there were approx 1000-1200 made in 79 and 1047 made in 80 i ve also just got 1 of these very rare 79/80 turbo century coupes thought daughter would drive it for 16th b-day but she dont like it its all original body and interior she says its old but fast as heck
That figure sounds a lot better. According to the Standard Catalog of Buick 1903-2000 Buick kicked out 1,653 Century Sport Coupes in 1979. This includes all turbo, V-6 and V-8 motors. And 1,074 Century Coupes of all motors in 1980. The Sport Coupe was dropped for 1980. Seeing as they made over 25,000 turbo'd Regals in 79 you'd have to think that at least half were turbo'd too.

I wish I had grabbed the VIN when I found the car but about 10 years ago I found a 79 Century sedan with the turbo V-6 at a U-Pull-It in Omaha NE. I didn't know Buick made the Turbo V-6 available across the Century model lineup. It was the only legit 4 door turbo I've ever seen. Now I did have somebody in my neighborhood who drove a black 80 Century notchback sedan with a turbo hood but I was never able to track it down to confirm it was a factory turbo car. It looked sharp with the gold polycast wheels. Too bad I don't know than what I know now. My killer combination would have been a 79 Century Sport Wagon with the turbo V-6 complete with the painted bumpers and front end from the Century TC.:smile:
Anyone know where there might be one for sale? A roller or an intact parts car is fine. Thanks!

my brother has a 79 sport coupe turbo all original with rebuilt motor,has original motor for it had bad head gasket,so pulled it and put in another slong block.It has been sitting for last 5 years due to no money to play with it is stone stock.He has been playing with idea of selling it .It is red with white top and red interior.Pm me if intreasted,it is in wisconsin.

oops just read the headline its a regal not a century sorry my mistake
mines also up for sale got pics but im in ontario canada e-mail me or call Ed705-848-2823
not much needed for this thing to be on the road