'79-80 Century Turbo Coupe sought

nope the 8.5 come in the 231 turbo 3.8 coupe only the 7.5 was in the sedans

Spend some more time lurking around and you might learn something.

First year for the 8.5" in a G-Body was 1984. Used only in the 84-87 Buick Turbo Regals and the 84-87 Olds H/0-442. Nothing else!
srry bout the figures way up dealer vin print out 88 1980 2 dr buick century turbo coupes with the 231 3.8 liter produced 49 hit the road and print out does indicate 8.5 with 308 gears i do still have this car but before i got the dealer printout sold the motor and tranny car is on here for sale
'78/'79 Buick Century and Cutlass Salon

hate to revive this but as the owner of an all original '78 W29 (Cutlass Salon Brougham Coupe 4-4-2-- 2 dr "fastback" bodystyle only shared with the century) I'm always on the hunt for rear interior window trim. The panels were specific to these models.

I'm looking for some. condition more important than color.

If anyone's looking to sell some non-dry, non-flaky pieces, Please let me know.

best to email me directly with something related to Cutlass Salon or Buick Century in the subject heading just in case it goes to junk box Let me know what you've got, condition, location and price. Serious buyer with no time to waste.

PM me for my email
yes. I have a '79 Buick Century Turbo Coupe - Bench seat front and back..silver w/blue interior. doesn't run
Where you located Sandee? Your car may be able to help some others live a little longer unless you want to fix her up. Then we'll be glad to help you with that as well.
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Hate to bring up a 2 month old thread, but I too am looking for a rear spoiler. If anyone has a lead, let me know here. Thanks
Hate to bring up a 2 month old thread, but I too am looking for a rear spoiler. If anyone has a lead, let me know here. Thanks

Let me know if 'usetaboost' can't help you out. :biggrin:
i have a 79 century turbocoupe listed on here for sale $3000 its maroon/red int all original paint /wheels etc ....rossdean42@yahoo.com...car is rust free & in central ky ..there are pics on here also
79 century turbocoupe

i still have the car & it is still for sale ..rossdean42@yahoo.com
i still have the 79 centuty turbocoupe & it is still for sale ...rossdean42@yahoo.com
[QUOTEDon't know if they still have it but call Yanish motors in Annandale MN. 320-274-3901 or 320-230-5000 ][/QUOTE]

Ironically, I just came across this thread. My father owns Yanish Motors in Annandale, MN. He still has this car, and has been back and forth on whether or not to sell it or keep it for himself. He recently decided he needed to free up some room, so here it is. It still has the 455 Buick in it, and still runs and drives good and is an UNBELIEVEABLY clean and original car. What's more, he is still only asking $3000. for it. If it doesn't sell, I'm thinking we'll try eBay. If it still doesn't sell, you never know....I might buy it just because I love how original and rare it is! Call me (Jerry Yanish) at (320) 260-7893 or him (Chuck Yanish) at (320) 230-5000 for more info and/or details.

Here is a link to the ad I just posted for him (including pics):


Thanks for looking!
I see this thread has been inactive since 2011. ANYONE still interested in chatting about the CTC's? ....I love these cars and own a few. i've learned a lot over the years and anyone with questions that I may help, ask away! Have a great day!