8.5 axle bearing spun in housing/c-clip eliminators?


May 9, 2010
hey guys.im looking for some advice from anyone who might have seen this.i had an axle seal leaking so i pulled my axles and found the right side had an after market oversized bearing installed.the seal that is part or this set up is small and looks like junk.i pulled that out and i can see that the original bearing must have spun in the housing causing it to be loose.this aftermarket one is oversized but the seal sucks and the bearing surface or rollers are much smaller than stock and actually wore a groove in the axle.does anyone know of a fix for this,id like an oversized stock style bearing and seal.or,am i at the point that a c-clip eliminator set up will do the trick?looks to me that those use there own bearing and seal.thank you for any help. the rear is an 8.5 posi
Believe it or not that is the fix. You'll need to remove the axle and have a new end welded on it and get a new axle. My guess is someone put axle saver bearings in it instead of repairing it the right way the first time.

what do you think about c-clip eliminators?looks like i would need to cut off the housing ends for that anyway?????
Instead of c clip eliminators you can get Ford ends put on and go with a better bearing. There seems like there's some issues with some of the eliminators. Honestly though, for what your going to spend get a 9" rear and be done with it.