85 with 87 ECU o2 70-700's AF 159 at WOT

Tampa T-Type

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Jul 17, 2005
I have a 1985 T-Type with an 87 ECU with many modifications, which includes a MAF and performance chip “I do not know who burned it”.

The scan master shows an O2 at idle jumping from 70’s to 700’s and in between, no knock the AF does not go over 158 at WOT.

All other readings seem fine. The idle is a little rough I cannot exceed 10 lb’s of boost with my adjustable waste gate.

At WOT the performance is less then stellar seems it runs better at ½ throttle. The T reduction used for the Turbo is missing hence the change in hose routing I can only assume.

I replaced the Maf two times, O2 and checked for any vacuum leaks with a fine toothcomb.

The decal shows a different hose routing then what is presently configured the diagrams I have seen do not match my routing or are different.

The main Vacuum feed goes directly into the Wastegate solenoid not the fuel pressure regulator as indicated on the decal. The Turbo fuel pressure and Boost Gauge share a common line. What I though was a Map Sensor once opened located on the top of the Throttle Body seems to be just a vacuum distribution unit. I have no point of reference as the car was modified when I purchased it.

I am looking for someone that has done this or at a minimum pictures to indicate correct hose locations. I love the car and am ready to ad Alkyl but need to get this straight first. If a new chip is needed, I would like a recommendation with the plan to add Alkyl when these issues are addressed.

Thanks in Advance
Im pretty sure your AF / MAF readings are correct, you need to get the boost level higher to peak out at 255 g/s.....
The more air being sucked in with more boost, will increase your maf readings.

I dont know much about hot air cars, but if you have a vacuum/boost source on the fuel pressure regulator as you stated, thats a good thing!

Does your car have a digital dash? If not, the map sensor "should" be located on the pass side fenderwell, its black about 3.5 inches long and 1 inch tall and should have a hose going to it.
Digital dash cars do not have a map sensor.
Like i said, i dont know alot about the 84/85s, just trying to help out.
Oh i forgot, sort out the issues and try and get the boost to 14psi with zero knock, then email eric in my sig and run one of his chips, make sure you let him know you are running the 87 ECM.

If you have a bad vacuum leak, that will make the car idle like dog doooo, running one of erics chips will make the car idle alot better.

Pull away your computer on the pass side kick panel, remove the small plate and pull the big computer chip straight out, read us the information on the decal that might be stuck to the chip.

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