i fully understand now bud, i have just been burnt before. im sure you can see kinda where im coming from. sorry bud
isn't this thread from 2009?

justin is having some problems/ issues right now that is why john deere brought it up.there is a thread going in the feedback section right now, i saw a apology thread going on in the lounge that justin started too!

i'm not here bashing or judging just letting people know why this was dragged up.[ /size]

get better justin and at the very least get a member to mail your stuff out for you.goodluck
He's asked the same question in every thread with a grille for sale.

Just go to ebay or a vendor that sells repros and you can have a grille in the mail within 48hrs.

Or you can keep digging through threads from 2005 to present and get lucky :ROFLMAO: