87 gn long block


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May 12, 2002
Trw forged pistons, stock crank turned and balenced,206/206 billet roller,weber heads,weber ported intake, center billet mains,arp hardware,harlen sharp roller rockers 1.60, o ringed heads. I bought this motor from a fellow board member a year ago put about 2000 miles on it tops runs awsome. I had a pt-61 turbo on it and with a low boost and very conservitive tune went 11.20 at 124mph with a 1.8 60ft. So this motor will for sure go well into the 10's. I am selling cause I had Weber build me another motor that is getting put in this weekend.$5000 shipped!!!
the motor in my car may be bad i dont know i am looking at it this weekend. i let yo know
How much would you sell just the short block???Because I have the champion intake and weber is working on a set of heads for me now.Thanks Mike

Is the timing cover included? Let me know if you can get any closer to 4,000. I would come pick it up! Thanks, Tim