928 HP on the chasis dyno today - Thanks Otto

Wow, this could be the reason your down on power a bit at the higher boost levels?
It seemed to be right where it should have been up to about 27psi compared to other engines weve dynoed with more similar "stuff" but where it really should have taken off it laid over. I hope this was a problem that happened before the best pulls were made. The hot side of the turbo is about 300whp from being a problem. Once we get a compressor/cover combo on there that can match it it will be interesting. The cam that was in there wasnt working those springs hard at all.
Got my upgraded Turbo back yesterday from Cottons performance. Just wanted to say thanks to Jack and Turbonetics for coming through big time with this upgrade. I sent this out a few months ago right after the dyno sessions. Jack and I contacted Turbonectics and provided feedback on my performance and came up with this upgrade to there new machined from forged billet wheel using the same turbine. Without getting into to much detail I just want to say that Jack Cotton and at Turbonetics went over and beyond to listen to there customers and get this turbo to me with reasonable expense. Now if I can only find time to get back to the dyno......:)

Allan G.


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How's the painting coming on the car? Are we going to see you on the Pike this summer?

Have not go the car to the shop yet. Been trying to get the turbo squared away and have lots of other paying jobs to get done anyway. I do have the glass front bumper and steel hood at the shop and they are ready for paint. We have some time before the new March date for the FM auto show and probably will push it right to the end. Seems like its no fun unless its last minute and under lots of pressure to get it done.

Allan G.

Edit - Mark, thought that maybe you would be a good person to pass along this new product request. Seems like there are no really good repo hood pads. Maybe you have the capability to have these done with choice of decal designs ? Just a thought...

Allan G.
WOW!!!!!!! Allan, is the original color? if so what is it called or a code ? Man she looks hot!!!!!
Hurry up and get that thing done so you can run it and update your sig.
WOW!!!!!!! Allan, is the original color? if so what is it called or a code ? Man she looks hot!!!!!

Thanks for the complements. Original color remixed in PPG urathane. GM code 79 "Dark Red" but more like burgandy.

Allan G.
Looks awesome! I just picked up a T-type with that same colour. Great choice. Can't wait to see it all put together. Be sure to take more pics.
Sanding and buffing almost done. Assembly should start this week. Have a few more small things to paint.
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Looks great Allan, will see it in person this weekend, coming to the Maratta show Saturday afternoon. Your covers are on the way you should see them Friday.