928 HP on the chasis dyno today - Thanks Otto

Man, thats awsome looking. Great paint, tough stance and killer engine.
Wow Allan, your car just became my all time favorite Stage II car, just plain BADASS. I assume it has mini tubs in the back and dropped up front? If so what are you using to achieve the drop. I am sorry if you have posted that info already, I missed it.

Thanks for compliments. Front is low because of extreamly large turbo. :D

Actually has Moroso drag springs up front. May need to think about taking them out.
Allan G.
What kind of drag radial do you run on the street with this thing? does it hook in any gear? damn

I used to run quick time pro's buick decided best to just not bother trying to step on it on the street. Now run rock hard Micky Thompson Sportsmans.

Allan G.
Had a chance to take the car out with the nice weather. Since the original dyno sessions at Otto's, I've made some changes to the engine including cam and spring change and having the Turbo upgraded to the new forged billet wheel. After taking some datalogs while building boost on the footbrake, it is obvious that there is a 1.5 second inprovment over the last turbo. This is not really an apples to apples comparison because there was also a cam change but that should only hurt the spool and not increase it.

Allan G.
That's a great color! Love the build too. That's not a factory color is it? Either way, nice ride.
Went to the track today for the first time in 10 Years. Was hoping to establish a baseline before turning it up. Thought that this would be a good way to wrap up this thread.

Results will be posted soon.....
Allan G.
TR Custom Parts said:
Lebanon??? Had a nice day for it. Guessing 9.40's:) Suspense is killing me.:eek:

I think that was about one of the passes. That wouldn't be a good day.