9sec stg 2 street GN


Sep 6, 2006
let me start by saying this car is unbelievable in looks AND performance, trying to finish an outlaw street car in THIS economy is going to require me to liquidate all my toys, it truely sickens me to type this. If anyone has any questions PLEASE e mail me, as I"m not on this site often.

1987 buick GN 48k miles ...has ice cold AC.

body completly stripped. { have pics}

all dupont chroma premire primer, sealer, base, clear. paint is 10 of 10

ALL weatherstrips and seals replaced with NEW .

carpet, padding, dorpanels, seats, came from jax.. the seats and doorpanels are leather. look like the original gn .. SUPER nice ..

centerline telstars, rears are 28/11.5/15 { no mini tubs, no cutting of ANY kind.

tubeular upper and lower adjustable controll arms, big anti roll bar, new moog springs, hal qa1 shocks, moroso front trick springs, tubeular upper controll arms, willwood front brakes, moser axles, TA girdle, BIG 1390 yoke, 3 1/2 in molly drive shaft with solid joints from PST , d shaft loop, almost all the exaghst is stainless, { from axle back is alluminized}

optima yellow top battery.

12 gallon fuel cell with sender,

nx 10 lbs bottle, with gen 2 heater, puge valve, autometer gauge, all wired through the xfi for ultimate control .. works like magic..

400 turbo BUILT.

neil chance 10in converter.

dequick front mount.

be cool alluminum radiator.

razors single nozzle alky system with onegallon cell up front.

TA aluminum stage 2 complete short block built by TA, have ALL reciepts, and detailed blueprints of motor { the most detailed I"ve EVER seen} champion gn1 heads, jesel shafts, champion intake, billet tb, etc..

fast xfi from cotton, coilpac, module, wires, are all new.

weldon pump.

custom made headers, garrett gt 42 { 81mm}.

made 750 rwhp at 18psi on PUMP gas.

I run 110 with alky 22lbs of boost, on dot"s car runs 6 teens on a VERY marginal track. FULL exaughst. nos comes on at set rpm and tps, shuts off at 10psi, spools like its a 60 turbo.. GREAT stop light to stop light acceleration..

car has NO cage, battery shut of, LOOKS stock other than wheels.

NO dissapointments !!!!! asking 30k { the drivetrian was more than what I"m asking}.. I will try to attach a link that has some pictures.. sorry, I"m not interested in tradeing anything, need cash to finish car.. I"m sure their are a lot of things I"ve missed.. e mail or call thanks, steve


please no tire kickers..


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Wow car looks awesome i was the owner that put it all together. intrested in a trade , i woudnt mind having it back .
sorry blair. the ONLY reason I"m selling { or trying to} is to finish another car. I rarely get to drive it, would consider partial trade on a monaco motor home, must be at least 38ft with slides..2000 year and up, { trade in allowence would have to be pretty stout.}. but I KNOW you have it ..

What's up Steve? Man you must be my twin brother cause everytime I read one of your posts I think it's a carbon copy of myself. Now I can't believe you are selling this jewel of a car, but I totally understand your predicament.

I'll give you a call later on. The car is definitely one bad mofo. I'd like to race you in it before you sale it - Grudge Match :tongue: :cool:.

Actually, I had been thinking hard about selling my current Stage II and have been going back and forth, back and forth regarding getting a GNX, but would like to race TSO next season. Enough of the car show crap, but then again I always wanted the X and would drive the piss out of it all the time.

Good Luck

are you sure about the no trades I have a badd ass camaro I would trade!!!!let me know if your intrested thanks Tim
car is T top. car has never been ran at a qtr mile track, 9.30s at 22lbs is a SAFE number. { on dot"s } .. thanks steve