Adjusting Boost "Easier way?"



Instead of getting an Adjustable Wastegate kit, is it possible just to buy a Boost Controler? I dont know much about my TR cause i just got it a while back....Thanks
I have the boost commander from Ramchargers and I really like it. You still need to have an adjustable wastegate actuator to set the base boost. I have my base boost set to about 17 lbs. The boost commander gives you 7lbs of play, so when I turn it all the way up I get about 24 lbs of boost.
3.5 one way 3.5 the other ;)

i have dual solenoids on one car, and should get 15 psi of adjustment-- BUT THE DARNED THING WONT WORK!!!!!!
i gave up and put on a bleeder in 2 seconds had the boost where i needed it that night
I set the base setting at 17 lbs. I can turn it up to 24 and back down to 17. If I set it at 20, I could dial up to 27 and down to 20. It took me about 45 minutes to install and haven't had a problem with it. What took the most time was making sure that you connected the right wires.