Aeromotive and E85

I checked with Jared Cox ( with Aeromotive this morning and he told me that they have "had zero failures to date due to E85". Who did you talk to at SEMA?

I dont know who I talked to at SEMA. They had a demo set up, with one of thier noisemakers in a tank flowing fluid all day, and I started talking to one of the guys about becoming a distributor for them. Well the buy in is INSANITY, so we were talking about E85 (because i am a big advocate of it) and he proceeded to tell me none of their pumps were rated for alcohol use.

Later that day I ran across Fuelab, and couldnt be more impressed. Their pumps are 65% the size of Aeromotive, with half the noise, twice the warranty, and the buy in is reasonable for a company the size of mine. Far as Im concerned, Aeromotive is yesterdays news. :cool:
I run an a1000 in my Syclone! I have had no issues. I'm making 700 hp 160# injectors. Base fuel pressure 43#. I run 25 PSI. I use a kb boost a pump activated at 10psi with a bs3 ecu. -12 feed -8 return. Stock tank sumped.
Pump is 8 years old.