Aeromotive Eliminator Fuel Pump, Stainless Steel Pre-filter & 83# Injectors

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Nov 11, 2002
I have a nice A1000 fuel pump (-10 in/out), Eliminator Aeromotive pre-filter (-10 in/out) w/SS (40 micron) filter element, and super clean 83# injectors - Siemens DEKA #3145...matched set (will NOT work with stock ECM...will need FAST or similar) for sale. I purchased all parts new so I know they have maybe 4 hours operating time. Car goes to cruise-ins only. I have gone to a Rick's Tank with special in-tank pump.

Perfect for someone stepping up their gasoline combo or going to E85.

Pump (#11101)- Summit price $ for $250
Filter (#12335)- Summit price $123 w/o for $100 with fittings!
Injectors - Cotton price $ for $320

Prices are shipped to lower 48 states. Photos attached.

E-mail me at for questions.



  • For Sale A1000  - SS Filter - Fittings.JPG
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Still available. Please keep in mind that these are not some parts that I bought from someone. I purchased all new and know the history. All parts are in excellent condition!