Weldon 2025A fuel pump & 2 Aeromotive fuel filters


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Oct 1, 2001
Weldon 2025A external pump with #8 inlet and outlet. Bought a seal kit from Weldon to freshen up this pump, then and it flow tested. The results are excellent. Buy with confidence. Will support over 1,100 rear wheel hp $375 shipped

2 Aeromotive fuel filters, polished one (#12 fittings) is pre fuel pump and the red one(#10 fittings) is after the pump with the proper micron filters inside. The polished one is pitted from being under the back of the car, but the most important is the inside which is in perfect condition. Asking $200 for both shipped.

WELDON pump is SOLD!!

What's the micron rating on the red one? Is it E85 rated

Here is the info I was able to get on it. I changed the filter and bought a 10 micron.

An inexpensive insurance policy to protect your investment. Proper filtration is key to fuel system performance. Engineered filter solutions are required to achieve protection with minimum restriction. For 200 – 3,000 plus HP applications, Aeromotive filter assemblies offer unmatched flow, ease of installation and maintenance, along with the impeccable machining and finish you’ve come to expect from all Aeromotive components.


• -Designed to stand up to the destructive properties of alcohol based fuels, including ethanol and methanol.
• -High-flow, 40-micron stainless steel, cleanable element.
• -ORB-10 ports. Fittings available to adapt these filters to AN-10, -08 and -06 line sizes. (see Fittings & Adapters)
• -Compact size: 5.5” long x 2” diameter.
• -Features an anodized bright dip red finish for a corrosion resistant, show car quality appearance.