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Old Man
Dec 21, 2006
I got home from Afghanistan in March which is where I saved my money and bought my GN. Well I got back over here in Aug and finally got some pics of my room and stuff. I normally do air base security but we got tasked to pilot small UAVs this tour which is really fun. Hope you guys like them.





Thank-you for your service and Welcome Home! Great pictures. Are you scheduled home for good now? Tell all your buds still there- I send them many thanks and warm hugs!!
Brother you gave me flash backs and chills :D! I stayed at a camp named after one of our first guys killed over there and my room looked just like the one in your pic. There ain't nothing like home. Welcome back!
good luck over there. I just got back from the UAE but i would rather be with you guys up there. anyways looks like you have a nice place to sleep.stay safe and enjoy the pay :)
Thanks. I was here the first time from Aug 06' - Mar 07' and I'm here again from Aug 07' - Mar 08'. We do 6 months on, 6 months back. Appreciate all the support though guys.

Here is some from last year, the last two are a Toyota Hilux that I "customized".


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Nice! :biggrin: Stay Safe over there. ;)

I see in the first pic you have the latest GM High-Tech on your night stand next to your weapon.
Thank You!

It's because of people like you that we have the Freedom that we do have.

Again, Thank You.
You have to love the AFGHAN dust clouds that never seems to go away :D. We had the same trucks except our wasn't as pretty.