Aftermarket Oil Coolers


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Oct 30, 2001
Any recommendations? as my '85 is finally going back together... and I would like to add an oil cooler to the car, and possibly a remote oir filter set-up? Thanks -Rob

I like the B&M stacked plate design the best. It may not have the big inlet and outlet of some other brands, but it sure packs a lot of surface area into a compact unit. Some factory import car oil/trans coolers use the same design. Get the one with the threaded inlet and outlet, instead of nipples. Stock number is 70266.

You can see it here

This link shows the same cooler being used as a trans cooler.

Hey that looks like the Oil Cooler in my truck.. I wonder if my wife'll notice it missing:D
Originally posted by TurboV6
Is oil and trans coolers the same?

Well, sort of. Just about any EOC (engine oil cooler) can be used as a TOC (trans oil cooler), but not all TOCs can be used as EOCs.

Engine oil is much more viscous than trans fluid. If the passages are small, then there must be lots of them in parallel to flow enough engine oil. Otherwise, there will be too great a pressure drop across the core.

B&M only lists their largest TOC as being suitable for use as an EOC. Their EOC kit includes this large cooler. It also uses big, screw in, NPT fittings instead of having nipples to attach hoses to.


Rob, I have a Modine cooler mounted in a "box" directly behind the rt bumper valence on my 86 GN. I mounted a home made version of the PTE "turbo saver" directly above it on the core support. I then plumbed it w/ braided -10 line from the oil filter base, and then back to the engine.
I then made a cutout in the valence to match the cooler "box" face. I then used "LIQUID NAILS" from the hdwe store and glued a piece of 1/8" hardware cloth in the back face of the valence and sprayed it flat black. [to keep the possums and such out of the cooler fins.]
The cooler is about a foot long, by 5" high and 2" thick. It has -10 fittings on both ends. [It's available in other sizes and fitting sizes too.]
Works great and looks stealthy!!;) ;)
Could send some digital pics, if interested.
Hey Tom,

do you know if anyone has these in stock on the island? if not I guess I'll stop by Ron's on the way home tomorrow and check. (dont call anymore because they never answer the phone:mad: darn voice mail!) BTW, what airline do you work for? I have a friend who just got laid off from United due to the 9-11 events