Air Filter Extension/IAT Bung


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Dec 15, 2003
So I've never liked the way my Cone filter rubbed on the A/C hoses when mounted at the end of the MAF and I've always thought the IAT mounted to the filter was kind of mickey mouse.

Since I relocated my Evap Canister under the fender that hole seemed like the perfect place to mount an air filter. So with the help of Todd (black sheep here) we made this little extension out of a piece of 45 degree I/C piping and a home made bung for the IAT sensor.

I doubt that it will add any HP but the IAT temps seem to drop faster as you start moving with this in place because it puts the Air filter directly behind a hole in the Core support


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That is really neat- Wanna make me one? What are you getting for air temps?

I have my filter mounted directly off of an LT1 MAF. On a 65-70 degree day here in MN I am getting 120-123 degree temps.

Here is a pic of my cold air pipe- with my old original MAF still on it.



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I drove the car last night with the IAT extender on it The air temps were high 60's or low 70's. and moving I was getting low 70's for the IAT. It goes up as you stop but once you get moving it cools off again.
WOW- Thats 50 degrees colder than what I'm getting! My guess is that I'm picking up a lot of the heat from the radiator, since my air filter is behind the radiator with the shorter LT1 MAF.

Looks like I should be fabbing up an intake extender of my own.....

Thanks for the info!

I never had that problem without the extender. it was maybe 10 degrees above ambient.
So I've been thinking about this and how I would do it different. A short strap like bracket on the bottom could be used to keep the MAF pipe from rubbing on the accessory bracket bolt. It could be attached to the inner fender but you would need a slotted bracket so it could move from side to side with the engine rocking. The other alternative would be to take it all the way back to the accessory bracket or put a bellows in intake system.